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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for travelers seeking upscale limousine services for their airport transfers from North Palm Beach to Palm Beach International Airport. In this article, we will highlight the exceptional services offered by the best airport limo service, Twelve Transfers, and compare it to another prominent limo service provider in the area, Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc.

Traveling from North Palm Beach to Palm Beach International Airport spans a distance of 13.7 miles and typically takes around 20 minutes to navigate through traffic. It’s crucial to choose a limousine service that not only guarantees a comfortable journey but also ensures you reach your destination promptly. Our recommended limo service providers excel in these aspects, making them the preferred choice for discerning travelers.

Twelve Transfers – The Best Airport Limo Service for your Transfer

When it comes to luxury airport transfers from North Palm Beach to Palm Beach International Airport, Twelve Transfers stands out as the premier choice. With their commitment to impeccable service, esteemed clients can experience the epitome of comfort, style, and reliability. Here are the key advantages of choosing Twelve Transfers:

  • Availability: Twelve Transfers provides 24/7 service, ensuring that you can schedule your ride at any time, day or night. Whether you have an early morning flight or a late-night arrival, Twelve Transfers has you covered.
  • Pricing: Despite offering top-tier service, Twelve Transfers maintains competitive pricing that represents great value for the luxurious experience they provide.
  • Vehicle Selection: Twelve Transfers boasts a diverse fleet of luxury vehicles to choose from, including sedans, SUVs, and spacious vans. Their vehicles are meticulously maintained, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious ride.
  • Unique Services: As a part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Twelve Transfers offers additional services such as meet and greet at the airport, a concierge service, and personalized amenities to enhance your travel experience.

With their attention to detail and dedication to exceptional service, Twelve Transfers ensures that every aspect of your journey, from the moment you step into their luxurious limousine until you arrive at the airport, is seamless and stress-free.

Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc. – A Worthy Competitor

While Twelve Transfers offers unparalleled luxury and reliability, it’s essential to consider other options in the market. Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc. is another prominent limo service provider to consider for your North Palm Beach to Palm Beach International Airport transfer. Here’s a comparison between Twelve Transfers and Showtime Transportation:

Criteria Twelve Transfers Showtime Transportation
Availability 24/7 Availability
Pricing Competitive Pricing
Vehicle Selection Diverse luxury fleet Vehicle Selection
Unique Services Meet and greet, concierge services, personalized amenities Unique Services

Both providers offer a range of services, but it’s clear that Twelve Transfers excels in terms of vehicle selection and unique services, providing an extra level of extravagance and attention to detail. Although Showtime Transportation is a reputable limo service, it may not offer the same luxurious experience and personalized touch as Twelve Transfers.


When it comes to booking a limousine service for your North Palm Beach to Palm Beach International Airport transfer, Twelve Transfers is a clear choice for those seeking the utmost luxury, comfort, and reliability. With their diverse luxury fleet, competitive pricing, and personalized amenities, they offer an unparalleled travel experience.

Remember, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, choosing the right limo service sets the tone for your entire trip. Trust Twelve Transfers to provide a seamless and opulent journey that starts the moment you step out of your door in North Palm Beach and continues until you reach the bustling Palm Beach International Airport.

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For an alternative option, you can also consider Showtime Transportation of Tampa, Inc.:


Phone: +1 727-417-7287

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