Limo Service Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport: Luxury Rides in 60 mins! (Save 20% Today)


Welcome to Florida, where luxury meets convenience. If you’re a traveler seeking a seamless and opulent airport transfer experience, look no further. Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the competitive landscape of limousine services from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport, and highlight the standout option that guarantees comfort, style, and reliability: Twelve Transfers. With this unparalleled service, your journey of 30.1 miles can be completed in just 37 mins, ensuring a stress-free and luxurious start to your trip.

Comparing the Best Limousine Services

While there are several limousine service providers in the Fort Lauderdale area, only a select few truly excel in delivering a premium travel experience. Let’s compare Twelve Transfers with one of its competitors, All Exquisite Limo, to highlight the advantages of choosing our service.

Twelve Transfers: Superior in Every Aspect

When it comes to airport limo services, Twelve Transfers stands out from the competition in several key areas:

  • Reliability: At Twelve Transfers, punctuality is paramount. Our experienced chauffeurs are known for their professionalism and commitment to ensuring you reach your destination on time. With real-time traffic monitoring and expert navigation, our service is built to combat any delays, ensuring a seamless journey.
  • Comfort: When you step into one of our luxurious limousines, you’ll be greeted with plush leather seats, ample legroom, and a refreshment center stocked with complimentary beverages. The sleek and modern interiors of our vehicles provide the perfect setting to relax and unwind as you make your way to Miami Airport.
  • Vehicle Selection: Twelve Transfers boasts an impressive fleet of vehicles to cater to your individual needs. Whether you’re traveling solo or in a group, we offer a range of options, including sedans, SUVs, and spacious vans. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Customer Satisfaction: At Twelve Transfers, we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns. We believe in going the extra mile to exceed your expectations and make your journey memorable.

All Exquisite Limo: Worth Considering?

While All Exquisite Limo is a prominent limo service provider in the area, it’s important to consider all factors before making your decision. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Availability: Availability can sometimes be a concern with All Exquisite Limo, especially during peak travel seasons. It’s advisable to make your reservations well in advance to secure your desired time slot.
  • Pricing: All Exquisite Limo offers competitive pricing, but it’s essential to compare their rates with the level of service provided. Remember, a slightly higher investment can result in a significantly better travel experience.
  • Vehicle Selection: While All Exquisite Limo offers a decent selection of vehicles, their options might be limited compared to Twelve Transfers. This can impact the level of comfort and convenience you experience during your journey.
  • Unique Services: All Exquisite Limo provides some unique services, such as specialized airport concierge assistance or customizable interior decor. If these services align with your specific needs, it may be worth considering.

Why Choose Twelve Transfers?

When it comes to upscale limousine services from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport, Twelve Transfers is the clear choice. Not only do we excel in all the key aspects discussed above, but we also offer exclusive benefits that set us apart:

  • Save Time: Our strategic location in Fort Lauderdale ensures minimal travel time to Miami Airport, allowing you to maximize your time at your destination.
  • Save Money: With our current promotion, you can save 20% on your airport transfer when you book with Twelve Transfers. This exclusive offer allows you to indulge in luxury without compromising your budget.
  • 24/7 Availability: Whether you have an early morning flight or a late-night arrival, we are available around the clock to cater to your needs. Simply book your ride with us, and we’ll be there to assist you.
  • Easy Booking: Our user-friendly website allows you to book your limousine service effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can secure your reservation and receive instant confirmation.

Summary of Key Information and Benefits

Twelve Transfers All Exquisite Limo
Vehicle Selection
Customer Satisfaction
Unique Services
Save Time N/A
Save Money N/A
24/7 Availability N/A
Easy Booking N/A


Choosing the right limousine service for your airport transfer is crucial to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey. With Twelve Transfers, you can experience the pinnacle of luxury, reliability, and convenience. Book your ride today and allow us to elevate your travel experience from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport. Contact Twelve Transfers at or call us at +1 (786) 814-0788. We look forward to serving you!

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